Benny & Penny


Please say hello to Benny and Penny.

These little ones are two of Berry’s litter, she was found as a heavily pregant stray in Rainham. Unfornately their story is a little sad, and is more common than we’d like when unspayed cats are left to roam and are very young themselves.

Berry had her litter in foster care with Amy but despite her best efforts, over a space of time, we lost several of her litter and Benny and Penny are the survivors of that litter. Who knows what Berry’s life was like on the streets – sometimes there is just nothing that can save a kitten from ‘fading kitten syndrome’ – it’s no-one’s fault, just very very sad 🙁 After this traumatic event, sadly Berry rejected the remaining kittens. One good thing about kitten season was we had another new mum, Misty, in our care, and we were over the moon when she accepted Penny and Benny and they were able to feed from her. Tina is their foster mum and kept an eye on Misty with her new additions.

Although they will not be ready to adopt until November, we thought you would like to say to these sweet hearts.

Please remember, we only rehome kittens in PAIRS and where there is a single kitten left, we look to rehome with another young playmate or with mum where appropriate.

They will be available for adoption from mid November.

They will need access to a safe outdoor space, away from busy roads.

They will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and will be and flea worm treated when they are adopted.

If you would like to adopt please send us a PM on Facebook, email us or call us and we will send you an application form.

We are based in Hornchurch, Essex, UK. Home visit and adoption fee apply.