Mums and kittens

We have Dolly, Pearly and Purdy – they and their kittens will be ready for rehoming around mid July.

Dolly and her ‘mixtures’ – Haribo, Liquorice Allsort & Sherbert Dibdab – she came into our care and gave us a bit of a surprise when we checked on her one more and she had had kittens! (She hadn’t had her vet health check yet!) All 3 kittens are doing well and Michelle is being a great foster mum! Dolly is a protective mum as you’d understand from her life on the streets, but Michelle is working some magic and she is getting more relaxed by the day

Pearly who came into our care, and sadly even though she’s just a young cat herself, was pregnant. She now has 3 kittens and is in foster care with Angeline – who says she is being a fantastic mum. She is an adorable girl and although we’d have preferred not to have more kittens in the world, we’re glad she’s been able to have them safely and all has gone well.


Next up is Purdy – who is being fostered by Amy who had her litter of 3 kittens a couple of weeks ago – Buttons, Galaxy and Oreo (Easter chocolate, yummy!) – She is an adorable girl and she being a fantastic mum!


We can also tell you about our 3 other mums with litters & they will be ready around mid August

Precious and her 4 babies are in foster care with Michelle and are doing very well. We feel so sad for these young cats who have been abandoned by heartless people and having to go through this – we’re just happy they are safe and we can find them fantastic homes!! We love a mini panther!


Another lovely mum, Belle and 3 babies are in foster care with Tina and are all doing splendidly! Names to follow!

We have another mum with Francis who has 2 babies, another victim of being dumped on the streets. Sadly a 3rd kitten didn’t make it – photos to follow!

Please remember, we only rehome kittens in PAIRS and where there is a single kitten left, we look to rehome with another young playmate or with mum where appropriate.

If you are interested in adopting please send us a PM on Facebook, email us or call us and we will send you an application form. We do not rehome near busy/main roads or indoor only.

If you’d like to help too, you can drop off food in the Havering area – please PM us for address details


you can donate using our wishlists:

We have a specific list for kitten food using this Amazon link –  (it can be more pricey this way but appreciate it’s very easy to click and do!):

We also have a collection bin at Jollyes pet store in Romford.

We’d really appreciate absolutely anything you’d like to donate!