If you’d like to help us during this difficult time, where we will be losing money from lack of adoptions and cancelled fundraising events – you can still donate and this will help feed and care for our foster kitties in this unpredictable time! or you can find other great fundraising ideas on our Donate page here!

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We’ve received some updated guidance from Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH) on how to carry out a limited rehoming process during the Covid 19 pandemic. By following these procedures (social distancing, video home visits and clear communication between us, the fosterers and the adopter amongst other things), we are now able to take applications for adoption of cats who are ‘ready to go’ and don’t need any further vet visits before adoption. 

**please note, our guidance advises staying more local (we are based in Hornchurch) to avoid long journeys so please beware when applying to adopt as we may not be able to cover your area at this time.

Please also note that for families with young children, we like the children to meet the cat(s) in their Foster home and as this is not allowed in the government restrictions, these applications will have to wait until that changes. This is to protect both you and our amazing foster carers. We understand this may be disappointing but hope you can understand the reasons for this **
Please note we only rehome kittens in pairs, away from busy/main roads and not indoor only.

This is great news as this means we can start to find furever homes for some of our fantastic kitties, meaning foster space freed to deal with any emergency intakes during the pandemic.

Please bear with us as we adapt to the new process!

Please continue to stay safe and stay home wherever possible **

Statement from British Vetinary Society re: a recent BCC news headline

“The British Veterinary Association has clarified its position in light of a report on the BBC news website relating to cats and coronavirus which may have worried people. The headline of the article suggested that veterinary advice was to keep all cats indoors, but BVA has explained this advice is only in relation to cats in infected households or where people are self-isolating and only where possible.”

You can read the full statement using this link


Welcome to Purrs Cat Rescue!

Purrs is a non profit organisation based in Essex, England. We aim to rescue stray and abandoned cats and find their forever homes.

We are a small group of dedicated cat lovers. Once the cats have been rescued, we foster them until they are ready for re-homing. We have them vaccinated and neutered or spayed. They are given a thorough health check by the vet and all the cats are micro chipped. We also flea and worm treat them.

Then, once we feel they are ready to leave our foster carers, we find them new and loving homes around Essex.

We rely on help from the public to help fund our rescue missions and we’d be nothing without you and your help, whether it be from donations, sharing on social media, fostering or adopting. The rescue is run only by volunteers from our homes in spare time – around jobs, families and other commitments.

Here you’ll find details on cats for adoption, our success stories, how you can donate to our rescues and how to get in touch!