Exciting news – we are now a registered charity!!

As you know Purrs Cat Rescue is a new rescue, established only last year – but from the very beginning we have been passionate about getting recognised as a registered charity.

The benefits of being a registered charity would open many doors for us for fundraising, donations and getting our name out there so we can carry on our work. Over the past 10 months, we have been working very hard to make this happen, LOTS of paperwork, LOTS of reading and LOTS of things to get in order!

We are VERY happy to announce that Purrs Cat Rescue is now an official registered charity – Registered Charity Number 1168965!

Special thanks to Joy and Christina for their hard work at the helm of this project – but we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and support of everyone involved with Purrs Cat Rescue – everyone, past and present who has volunteered for Purrs, fosterers, adopters, vet practices, all our followers on Facebook and Twitter, everyone of your friends and family who have ever shared one our posts, liked one of our tweets, bought a cat nip mouse, or bid on one of our auctions, anyone who has come to a fundraising day, donated food, donated time, donated money – EACH AND EVERY ONE of you reading this made this happen!

From here we hope to go from strength to strength as a charity and look forward to being able to use our charity status to help more cats, raise more valuable funds – the sky is the limit!

A HUGE thank you once again to each and every one of you – we hope you will continue to follow and support Purrs Cat Rescue and all the work we do – maybe one day, you’ll be a new mum or dad to a Purrs kitty too!

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