RIP Elsa – our forever foster cat :-(

We have some very sad news to share about our VIP forever foster kitty Elsa 😢

She took a sudden turn for the worst on Thursday and collapsed in her foster home. She was rushed to the vets but the heart breaking decision was made by her foster mum and the vets that it would be kinder to say goodbye and let her go

Elsa was abandoned at the vets with have kidney and liver problems aged 18 😞 Gina kindly offered to take Elsa in as a ‘forever foster’ kitty to live out her days in a lovely comfy home and as a friend to her own senior kitty Mitzy. Elsa settled in well and despite her medical issues, as well as joint and vision problems, she was happy to snooze and snuggle and have the occasional adventure in the lovely big garden on a sunny day.

She also spent one afternoon a week with Lucy in her residental home, getting lots of extra snuggles too.

Thank you to Gina, Robin, Bailey and Jack for all the amazing love and care you have provided for Elsa in her short time with you – she couldn’t have wished for anything more – she knew what it was like to be truly loved and made to feel so special.

Thanks also to Charlotte who was spoiling Elsa every week with food, blankets and treats, to Bridget for her visits and donations to Elsa’s care, to Ann Baker for coming to the rescue with some steps so quickly so Elsa could get on the sofa for a snooze and everyone who donated towards her time in our care – we know you loved her as much as wel did.

Thank you also to Matthew at Vets4Pets Romford to all his help with care and advice for our fluffy lady Elsa.

We’ve included some lovely photos of Elsa in her time with us – what a gorgeous girl she was ❤️❤️❤️

Run free at the rainbow bridge Elsa – you didn’t deserve to be abandoned and we have loved having you at Purrs, thank you for spending time with us! You brought happiness and smiles to so many with your cute fluffy ways and hope you are now at peace.


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