Find out our special fairy tale girl Cinders

Please say hello to sweet Cinders – we hope we can give her the fairytale ending she deserves. She was found in someone’s garden, extremely skinny and with an eye problem and taken to a vet. This kind practice treated her free of charge and tried to find her a home but with no luck. As Cinders couldn’t stay at the vets, a kind lady named Cherelle took her in to try and find her a suitable home from there.

This sweet girl is very trusting of humans and a lovely cuddly lap cat so it’s unlikley she has been abused. She is is extremely underweight, weighing only 1.5 kg even though she is around 5-6 months old. Cherelle saved Cinders for the meantime but unfortunately is not best placed to help Cinders get back to full strength as she works long hours, visits family away often and doesn’t have the time to dedicate to keeping her and wants the best for this little sweetheart so has asked for Purrs help.

We have committed to helping this little angel and we need to find her a special foster home to help get her back to 100% so she can be adopted. The foster home would need to be near our vets in Romford, with no other animals preferably and who is home most of the day – she needs help to build her weight back up and lots of love and attention.

She is already making progress under supervision of our vet and with visits from Joy, with special food she is already putting on a little weight and looking a little better. He is happy with her progress so we hope we are making a good start with her.

We provide everything you need – food, beds, bowls, litter tray and pay all vet bills – all Cinders needs is just your time and attention!

Can you help?!

If think you would be able to help, please contact us via Facebook PM, call 07828191481 or email

Cinders is not yet ready for adoption – we are concentrating on finding her the perfect foster home and getting her back on her feet, but when we do, we would like her to have another young cat to play with so she can have all the fun she has already missed out on in her tough start in life.

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