PIXIE UPDATE – Special adopter needed!

As you may remember, Pixie has been in our care to see over time there would be any improvement in her incontinence caused by a tail injury. Sadly, after some time, and discussions with our vet, we think this is unlikely to improve 🙁 So we are looking for a special home for her.

She is such a sweet sweet girl, and so affectionate – as soon as you pick her up, she is a purr machine. We need to find a warm, but outdoor home where she will be loved – she is a people loving kitty, so just being a farm cat outside all the time wouldn’t be for her. Maybe you know someone with land or a home with an outbuilding that is still warm, but will be suitable for her condition and where she will have love and attention.

Please share share to help find that special home for her – she deserves the best life possible! Please get in touch if you can help!

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