Pixie update

As you know Pixie has been with us some time now and it’s been a learning curve for both us and Pixie into where she will be happy and the best home for her.

She now has her custom made ‘fancy pants’ which means she is able to be indoors for cuddles with Joy, it’s clear she’s not a big fan of having them on and what she really wants is fun in the sunshine outside. She LOVES being outside, playing, exploring and running around. Cheeky little monkey.

As Pixie is a very socialable cat, we originally thought a farm life would not be social enough for her, but now we have seen how much she loves the outside – we’d now consider a more rural farm type home for her – hopefully with other cats to play with as she loves to have fun. As long as there is an indoor space that she can retreat too when she needs to – but where her incontinence (due to her tail injury and then amputation) would not cause an issue.

We know it’s a big ask, but we will just not give up on finding the right home for this little one as she is such a happy joyful cat & a real purr machine – who shouldn’t be held back because of the awful injury she had.

Please share share to help find that special home for her – she deserves the best life possible! Please get in touch if you can help

As with any home, we’d need this to be away from any busy roads too.

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