Grace’s story

We’d like to introduce you to Grace – one of the cats from the overpopulation case we have been dealing with.

**Grace is NOT ready for rehoming and we DON’T know when she will be. Please don’t send messages or post comments on social media asking as we cannot provide an answer at the moment.**

As you can see Grace is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately a very scared girl who is not used to people. We are determined to bring her around so we thought we’d introduce you to her.

She is in foster care with Jeri and she has been doing a fantastic job working with her to try and make her feel safe with people. It’s a slow process but Jeri is very determined! She’s even let Jeri give her a little brief strokes and a little bit of a brush – which is great news. A catnip toy also sparked up a very brief play session – bless her.

Along side Jeri, one of our volunteers Jo has also been helping with her a range of complimentary therapies for animals – these help Grace to relax and learn how to be around people. Lots of hard work and little steps of progress will all add up and hopefully she’ll be able to get over the trauma of her experience and get the loving home she deserves.

Thank you so much to Jeri and Jo for their work with Grace and to Joy and the rest of the volunteers and rescues who are involved in this ongoing case.

Again – Please don’t ask when she will be ready for rehoming or if she gets on with other cats/kids – we just don’t know – we are concentrating on socialising her so we cannot provide an answer at the moment.

The fundraising appeal is still ongoing and cases like Grace are exactly why. You can still donate on our fundraising page here