Farm land rescue

A bit of an insight into the last 7 days for some of the volunteers here at Purrs – out in the wind and rain getting these kitties into care.

We were alerted into a number of young cats/kittens living outside on some derelict/farm land – it was essential to not only get them to safety, but also get them spayed/neutered to prevent the situation escalating. Traps were set and after much patience and waiting at all hours of the day over the past 7 days or so we’ve managed to get them to safety. One particular kitty was quite the houdini and was able to get food from the trap without setting it off – so it was a real GOTCHA moment when we finally hit the jackpot and got him. One mum and 5 offspring and a kitty named Graham – still one more to go who we think is the daddy.

As you can see the living conditions were pretty appealing, let alone the weather so it was so important to get them out and stop any more breeding, especially with ‘kitten season’ rapidly approaching.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in trapping and vet transport: Joy, Tina, Jeri, Zo and Lewis, Carol at Caring for Cats, Dorothy who has been watching out/feeding these little ones for months and Melanie at Timbuk2 for contacting us for help & also provided the much needed coffee!

Please note we are NOT taking applications for any of these kitties at this time. Please do not comment or message us asking – they are currently being assessed and we will update you when this changes. Thank you for your understanding.