Update on Jack

Update on Jack – you may remember sweet Jack who came into our care after being a stray for some time.

After being in foster care for a little while, we felt there was something not quite right with Jack – such a lovely boy but we were just a bit worried about him. The results from the vet were not so great, Jack had late stage kidney failure and wasn’t feeling too great & feeling sad. Joy decided he would come home with her and when he was ready to leave, he would let her know. For now, he is still with us and Joy said “No matter where I sit Jack will find my lap – I love this old man”

He has his ups and down, but considering he was not expected to last the week after diagnosis, and it’s been several months now, we’re taking every day as it comes. We know he is happy and safe with Joy, who loves him to to bits – he couldn’t be anywhere better. So for now we are just loving him and his lovely face.

As long as he is happy – we are too. Thank you so much to Joy for all the love and care you are giving to Jack and making sure every day he is here, he is happy.