A tribute to Pixie

I’m afraid we have some more sad news about one of our forever foster kitties – Pixie. Last month she was suddenly taken ill and we had to make the tough decision to let her go to the rainbow bridge 😿. Needless to say we are devastated so has taken a little time for us to share the sad news as we wanted a fitting tribute for our little Pixie.
Pixie first came to Purrs in December 2017 – sadly she had had to have her tail amputated due to it being pulled/injured with such force that the nerves were destroyed. This left her doubly incontinent so it was always going to a unique ask and an understanding home that would be able to take her on – despite suggestions that the kindest thing was just for her to be put to sleep. As she was such a friendly and socialable cat, we felt a farm life was not quite right for her as she deserved a warm place to snuggle up to and socialising with humans too.
During her time with Joy, she befriended a local stray, who she named Blackchops and they were pretty much inseperable. Thru Joys hard work and Pixie’s influence, Blackchops was neutered, improving his quality of life too. They had a great time together!
We spent a long time looking for that special home for Pixie and her new boyfriend, even with a feature in the local paper but it was always going to be a tough ask so they became part of the forever foster scheme so they could continue to live happily with all their needs met with Joy.
Joy did everything she good for this little girl and never EVER gave up on her – despite Pixie’s special needs, she was never any trouble to Joy and such a happy cat and we thank Joy for her dedication to making sure that Pixie was happy. We know it was hard for Joy to let her go, but if it wasn’t for her, Pixie would have been put to sleep 3 years ago and never got to experience a carefree life with Joy, not held back by her needs. Pixie will forever be grateful for being given that chance.
Joy still has a special connection with Pixie through her little boyfriend Blackchops who has gone from a timid stray, to a friendly boy who loves belly rubs and is staying with Joy, also as a forever foster kitty. Pixie has helped improve Blackchops life so her special sweet character still continues today.
Run free sweet Pixie, you’ll never be forgotten. 🌈🌈

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  1. Such a touching story. Pixie looks such a pretty girl in the photos and I know Joy wants all cats to experience some love and happiness despite any problems they may have. I hope Blackchops is not missing Pixie too much and is doing well too.

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