One of our Purrs cats is famous!

You may be familar with story about a cat owner who made a ‘fake lap’ for their cat to sit on while they worked from home – it’s been made into a few memes and we used on on our social media in August – Imagine our surprise we recieved an email from Rebecca with an update on two ex Purrs kitties named Ziggy and Harley who she adopted in 2018 – it only turned out that the famous cat who was always desperate for a lap was a Purrs kitty – and that was Ziggy!! I’ll hand you over to Rebecca as she tells it best!

“I thought you’d like a fun update with Ziggy. I don’t know if you saw, but she recently went viral!

It all started with this story:

Basically, Ziggy is quite a clingy cat – and I mean that in the most wonderful way. We absolutely love it. We both work from home, so we’re usually able to give her all of our time. But, long story short, Ziggy gets very annoyed when we’re on the phone and climbs all over us, which isn’t the most professional.

So Alex made this fake lap (mostly as a joke) to see if it would work, as we both had conference calls at the same time one day. It did – we got a few hours free! We don’t use it anymore, but thought the internet would find the photo funny.

Unexpectedly, it went completely global. We had news outlets, magazines, radio stations and television shows from all over the world messaging us and asking whether they could feature her – if you google “Ziggy the clingy cat” you’ll see from the search results just how far and wide she went.

We were featured on TV on BBC Breakfast, Loose Women, and Channel 4 were desperate to include us in a TV show of theirs. We also know a lot of TV shows in the US wanted to show us, but obviously we couldn’t see them as we don’t get the channels. The same with a lot of other countries.

We also were printed in a lot of newspapers, both national and international.

This was right at the beginning of lockdown, so I can only assume that the world was craving some funny, light-hearted news! We were being bombarded in every possible way for interview requests, including the Kelly Clarkson Show!!

And just when we thought it was all over, we got contacted a couple of weeks ago by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and she’s going to be featured in their annual book next year. I’ll be sure to send you guys a photo of her page.

I just wanted to share some ridiculous-yet-exciting news with one of our gorgeous Purrs Rescue cats 🙂 and also, we made sure that every outlet mentioned that she is a rescue cat.

Ziggy and Harley have both settled in so wonderfully, we couldn’t imagine life without them now. Ziggy is so loving and cuddly, and Harley is so chatty and happy. She’s almost always purring. They are both so purrfect!”

How many of you had seen this funny story about Ziggy? Who’d have guessed it was one of our own!? We were very tickled that we’d shared a photo of the cat, without even realised this crazy kitty was adopted from us! Amazing! Here’s some updated photos of Ziggy and Harley as well as Ziggy on her ‘fake lap’