We need your help for Casper!

Heart breaking news to share tonight. Casper could no longer fight and crossed over Rainbow Bridge this afternoon (12 Nov).

Any donations will still be going towards his treatment/care costs so far. Thank you all for your support. We will post further when we can but just had to let everyone know.

Thank you to Jeri, Joy, Tina, Ella, Gina Amy and Tracie for all your hard work and dedication.



We need your help for Casper!

Regular followers may recognise this little man, who has been in foster care with his sister Cali with the amazing Jeri until they go to their furever home. They were handed in at a vets after being found dumped in a plastic bag 

Sadly these past 3 weeks, Casper has been very poorly and in and out of the vets. He has not been eating and drinking properly, lethargic, haws up on his eyelids, trembling, dehydration, weight loss, not using his tray, wetting his bed etc. We’ve lost count of how many times he’s been to the vets and put on fluids. He has been treated with numerous antibiotics and steroids but nothing seems to be helping. He has had numerous scans and blood tests but still no solid answers – there was a possible FIP diagnosis but then a 2nd opinion, could be neurological – still no answers for sure.

Gina took in Casper and Cali to keep constant watch on them, syringe feeding Casper every two hours just to keep him sustained as he did not want to eat. Then yesterday,more problems, Casper could not walk properly, so she rushed him to the vets and met jeri, and overall he was just so unwell. With some fluids he seemed to perk up and Jeri knew that he would not give up fighting. He has now been referred to RVC in Hertfordshire, where Jeri and Joy took him for further testing and investigation to try and get some answers.

We estimate the costs of tests/diagnostics/any treatment etc is £2000-4000 and it could rise to more!

Our lovely volunteer Angela has come up with great fundraising idea – ‘Walking for Casper’ – a fundraising walk of 10 miles (or more) to show support for Casper! Jeri will walk too, and Ella the kind nurse who cared for the kittens when they first came into the vets and now – following covid rules of course. We’ll keep you updated on their walk and people can doante using our Facebook fundraiser here. Our using our Paypal donation form if you don’t have Facebook.

We have over 6000 followers on Facebook, 2000 on Twitter and many visitors to our website – if everyone who followed donated just £1 – imagine how quickly we’d hit our target!

Please please please share our fundraiser far and wide to help us try and raise as much as possible to help with care for Casper. Jeri and all at Purrs will not give up on this little fighter and doing all we can.

Thank you to Jeri for doing all you can for Casper, to Gina for your amazing support and Jeri and Joy for making the trip out to RVC asap. We are keeping everything crossed for this special boy.