Update on Casper’s fundraiser

Heart breaking news to share tonight. Casper could no longer fight and crossed over Rainbow Bridge this afternoon (12 Nov).

Any donations will still be going towards his treatment/care costs so far. Thank you all for your support. We will post further when we can but just had to let everyone know.

Thank you to Jeri, Joy, Tina, Ella, Gina Amy and Tracie for all your hard work and dedication.



A short video to show some of Casper’s issues and his trips to and from the vets – such a sad sight to see and we are determined to keep fighting for Casper – The latest update is below.


If you would like to donate towards the costs for Caspers vet care, we are trying to raise £4000, please donate using our Facebook fundraiser here. Our using our Paypal donation form if you don’t have Facebook.

Thank you again for all your donations so far.

Yesterday afternoon, Joy collected Casper from RVC. He has officially be diagnosed with the dry form of FIP. It’s hard to diagnose, but now with more tests, this is the conclusion. It is affecting his brain and eyes, and this is why he is trembling, having trouble walking and the knuckling on his limbs. It has also affected his growth, he weighs 1.2kg and he may not get much bigger. He has a painful eye condition as a result as well.

We have been in contact with kind lady named Amy who is experienced with FIP as she has her own FIP kitty and she has put us in touch with ‘FIP warriors’ and another experienced lady named Tracie. Both have been extremely helpful and are supporting us every step of the way with Casper’s treatment.

The lovely Tina spent lots of time researching and found a drug – GS-441524 that we are going to try with Casper, it is not licensed but it has worked and saved thousands of cats with FIP. There is no guarantee but it’s a chance we have to take for Casper . It is an injection under the skin at the side that he needs to have every day for 84 days at the same time everyday. He will also need 24 hour monitoring.

Although he has now been discharged from RVC, they have been very supportive in our plans and would like to be kept informed of his progress.

Last night Tina and Joy took Casper to Epping to get his first injection and they will then continue his treatment back with Joy. We will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you to Jeri, Joy, Tina, Ella, Amy, Tracie for everything you have done for Casper so far and for not giving up the fight for this little man! The time and dedication is admirable and amazing.