Update on Casper and fundraiser

Heart breaking news to share tonight. Casper could no longer fight and crossed over Rainbow Bridge this afternoon (12 Nov).

Any donations will still be going towards his treatment/care costs so far. Thank you all for your support. We will post further when we can but just had to let everyone know.

Thank you to Jeri, Joy, Tina, Ella, Gina Amy and Tracie for all your hard work and dedication.



Another update & video on our dear Casper.


If you would like to donate towards the costs for Caspers vet care, we are trying to raise £4000, please donate using our Facebook fundraiser here. Our using our Paypal donation form if you don’t have Facebook.

This morning Casper took a turn for the worst, having had a seizure. He is currently in the vets where he has been given fluids and on heat pad due to a low temperature. He has no control over his muscles and just not able to eat, very floppy and sleepy with a high glucose level, he is a very poorly little boy.

Jeri has been to visit him today and Tina and Carol have visited to give him his meds.

Casper isn’t going to stop fighting, and neither are we. Thank you Jeri, Joy , Tina, Ella, Amy and Tracie.

And thank you again to everyone who has donated. You’re amazing.