**For more details about each of our lovely cats, click on their photo below. If you’d like to adopt any of the cats in our care, please get in touch. Please read the stories of each of the kitties before enquiring, as this will tell you more about what sort of home they are looking for and if you are a match.**

Please remember, we only rehome kittens in PAIRS and where there is a single kitten left, we look to rehome with another young playmate or with mum where appropriate. If any of our cats are advertised in pairs, then this means they are looking for a home together & we will not separate them.

**We are continuing with rehoming, just with updated procedures to account for Covid-19.  Please bear with us!

Please note we only rehome kittens in pairs, away from busy/main roads and not indoor only.

Please continue to stay safe! **

Sapphire & Flint


Jett & Crystal

Amber & Onyx


Tulip & Daffodil – Now Reserved.





Amber -Adopted