Bert is a gorgeous handsome boy, around 6 years old.

Sadly, Bert has FIV and we are POSITIVE about finding him the right home and looking past the misconceptions about FIV cats. He deserves a lovely home just like every other kitty.

We think he’d like a laid back chilled out home with a bit of peace of quiet so this would prob be more suited to an adult home or older cat savvy kids

We will consider indoor homes but we do think it would be fantastic to find a home a home with an enclosed ‘catio’ or cat proofed garden so he is secure in the garden – this way he will still be able to get fresh air and enjoy some sun and look at the world. The best of both worlds for these special kitties.

FIV cannot be passed to other pets or humans and is only passed from cat to cat by aggressive fighting, usually due to lack of neutering – this is not a ‘death sentence’ for Bert – it just means we are adjusting the kind of home he may go to and there is still the perfect home out there. Most FIV cats live long and healthy lives.

if you’d like to read more about FIV, Cat Chat have very useful information and busts a few ‘myths’ –

We would be happy to have a chat and any questions you may have about FIV cats.

Bert is health checked, neutered/spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and will be all up to date on his flea and worm treatments.

If you’d like adopt Bert, please send a private message to the Purrs Facebook page, call or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Home visit (virtual at this time) and adoption fee apply.