Panther, Freddie, Pink, Stevie and Tiger

Special kittens Panther, Freddie, Pink, Stevie and Tiger were found in appalling conditions and came into our care after being in the vets for a couple of weeks being treated for cat flu. One has lost both eyes, one has lost one eye and another poor mite has bad ulcerative eye that possibly will have to be removed and one is very underweight.
They are all very sweet kitties and as you can see by the photos, are just as adorable and settling in perfectly with Gina and her lovely family.
We have had some updated advice re: cat flu and it may be possible to rehome with other cats – please contact for a chat if you have other cats and were interested in adopting.
For the kitties with sight issues, they will need spacious indoor homes or ideally ones with a catio so they can still experience the smells and sounds of the great outdoors, but safely! So a spacious catio would be our preference so these special little kittens – either an exisiting catio, or willing to add this to you home.
The pairings are:
Panther (black) and Pink (tabby, damaged eye)
Stevie (black, no eyes) and Freddie (tabby, one eye)
at the moment Tiger (the littlest tabby) is a single kitten at the moment, we don’t like to rehome kittens alone, we’re investigating options on this so she’s not lonely so please stay tuned.
They will be ready for rehoming around 5th October.
They will be neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and will be and flea worm treated when they are adopted.
If you would like to adopt you can fill in our application form or if you have any questions send us a PM on Facebook, email us or call us.
We are based in Hornchurch, Essex, UK. Home visit (virtual) and adoption fee apply.
And again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated towards their care when we introduced them – we really really appreciate.