Katie and Lionel

STATUS : Available

**** Please note, we have a strict homing policy that means: 

  • No busy/main roads
  • No indoor only or flats






Cat Friendly

Dog Friendly

Child Friendly

Born Oct 21

Male and Female

Tabby/Black & white



Not known

Not known

Not known

Katie will not be bullied by her brothers and is often the leader of the pack.
She loves chasing feather toys and will really hold on. You will have to watch her when she is allowed out. She is going to be quite a hunter.
Lionel likes technology and will chase the ball when the football is on TV.
He loves to sit on his foster mums shoulder when She reads the paper and ipad. Tina said “He will turn the pages for me, I’d just wish I could read as fast as he does…”
They were born in October and will be ready at the end of January