Long Term Residents

Some cats and kittens are not available for a variety of reasons. They could be too scared to be adopted, they may have medical issues, or in the case of pregnant cats, the cat and kittens will not be available until the kittens are old enough to be adopted. 

Being Assessed

Here are our cats that we are assessing. Some are kittens who will be watched to identify suitable pairings as we only home kittens in pairs, or, in the case of an odd number of kittens, one will be homed with the mother. 

Occasionally, cats come back to Purrs, so they will be assessed to determine suitable adoptees. This is also the case where cats have only just arrived and we need to assess what sort of family they will need.

Long Term Foster Cats

These are our cats that cannot be adopted in the usual way. Most of these cats are in long-term foster care due to long-term illnesses needing ongoing treatment.