Bella and Mia

KITTY UPDATE! An update on Bella and Mia!

Bella is a beautiful mini panther and is a true super mum. She had a litter of 3 adorable babies and in addition, has taken on two little kittens who were rescued and brought into our care – she was adopted in July 2019 with one her own babies – the lovely Mia.

They had landed on all paws with Tom and Jing and their family and they given us a little update on how they are doing. Bella has a special connection with their eldest daughter and Mia loves to be friends with everyone. They said:

“Their addition to our family has changed its dynamic for the better and we are all much happier with them as part of the household” – Purrfect!

Thank you Tom and Jing for these gorgeous photos too!

Best wishes and purrs to you Bella and Mia in your lovely new home!

Bella and Mia were adopted in July 2019