Benny & Penny

GREAT NEWS!! Benny & Penny have officially been adopted!

Now with the regal titles of Sir Benny Boshington and Madame Penny Poshington, they have settled in really well with Sarah & Ryan and their lovely son Milo – after only a week they couldn’t imagine life without them.

This so lovely after their rough start in life – their mum Berry came to us as a pregnant stray and they were the only two survivors of their litter after a difficult birth 🙁

Sarah has said: “Benny is a chilled dude and when finished playing with his sister loves nothing more than to curl up on sofa or next to me as I work. Penny doesn’t stop ‘talking’, is in everything and somewhat mischievous but also loves a good fuss and has the loudest purr!” – Milo also loves play time with them, serving up their tea and taking a snooze together – adorable!

As you can see by the photos, they’re feeling right at home! (& learning some DJ skills!)

Best wishes and purrs to you Sir Benny Boshington and Madame Penny Poshington in your furever home!

Sir Benny Boshington and Madame Penny Poshington were adopted in December 2019