Bubbles and her bubs Kit

FANTASTIC NEWS! Bubbles and Kit have been officially adopted!

Now named Pumpkin and Patch, this adorable mum and bubba duo were welcomed in by Jess and Dom.

Jess has sent us this wonderful update so i’ll hand over to her! :

“They are doing really well and instantly made themselves at home. Their favourite spot is at the end of our bed and they keep our feet warm at night 😂 Pumpkin is a great mum and is very patient with Patch; she’s very talkative and very affectionate – she loves giving head bumps. Patch is inquisitive and playful but also loves a cuddle (especially at 5am!!). He has a very loud purr, grunts and snorts when he’s content and hoots like an owl when he wants something – a very strange cat indeed but he makes us laugh.!

They’ve also sent us these delightful photos!

Best wishes and purrs to you Pumpkin and Patch in your furever home!

Pumpkin and Patch were adopted in October 2019