Cube and Skye

GREAT NEWS! Cube and Skye have been officially adopted!

These gorgeous tabby sisters know their new home very well – as it’s what has been their foster home for many months! Peter and Kelly have decided to adopt these beautiful girls – joining the (wonderful) ranks of ‘failed fosterers’ among us! 🙂

If you’ve been following their story, you’ll know they had been getting on really well with the family and it’s not surprising they ended up falling in love with them. I’ll be honest though, I simply do not understand how such gorgeous cats were overlooked for so long. But not to worry, they have a fantastic family now.

This is a lovely photo of them together finally getting to enjoy the garden.

Best wishes to you Cube (now Scoobs) & Skye with your lovely family.

Cube and Skye were adopted in July 2018