GREAT NEWS! Cupcake has found her furever home! has officially been adopted!

Now named Maisy (or Maisy-Cupcake ) this friendly mini-panther has a lovely new home with Paul, Charlie and her new feline pals Mindy and ex Purrs kitty Molly!

We love that Paul and Charlie love their black cats and have again done a fantastic job being patient and giving all the kitties time to get used to one another to ensure an excellent outcome! Mindy and Maisy are really bonding!

Paul and Charlie said Maisy loves to be stroked, cuddled and fussed over and is such a happy little girl. She’s just started to be introduced to the garden and is enjoying some lovely fresh hair.

Thank you to Paul and Charlie for this lovely phots and to them for their continued support of Purrs.

Best wishes to you Maisy in your lovely new home!

Maisy was adopted in November 2018