Daisy came to us as a pregnant stray, and at only 18 months old this was already her second litter of kittens. Daisy was a fantastic mum, but it was time to find Daisy a cosy home of her own to settle down and relax in.

Daisy suffered with some tummy troubles since she came into our care, and vets had trouble identifying the cause, which meant Daisy must have been very uncomfortable and also lost a lot of weight. With some advice and guidance, we tried Daisy on a raw diet and almost immediately her condition improved! She loved her raw food from the beginning and was soon putting on weight and ready for adoption.

Jayne sent us these wonderful photos of Daisy in her new home with her daughter Olivia and said:

“Daisy has settled so well into our family home, she is a joy to have and I can’t thank you enough for finding her for us!”

Daisy was re-homed in January 2016.