frankie_aFrankie has found his furever home!

Frankie knows his furever home very well…………. because his foster mum is now going to be his furever mum!

As you’ll remember, this handsome lad had really stolen his foster mum’s heart and she was looking forward to finding a new furever home for this gorgeous boy.

As much as she loved him, she thought there was a home out there for Frankie and she didn’t want to be selfish and keep all the Frankie love for herself!

Frankie was one of our very first Purrs cats and had been in our care for many many months – we had very few enquiries for this lovely lad (was it the black cat curse??) and the few that were for Frankie didn’t work and it just broke his foster mum’s heart to see him not given a chance when she knew what a wonderful cat he was at heart.

It seems that fate had decided that a black cat was always on the cards for his foster mum and that the right home was in fact with her! They call it being a ‘failed fosterer’ but really, it’s a success because perhaps it was always meant to be!

Best wishes and purrs to you Frankie and your new official ‘mum’!

Frankie was adopted in August 2016