Harry Houdini


Our man Harry Houdini has been officially ADOPTED!!

Harry H came to us as a stray and went into foster care with Laura and Les, who worked very hard to get him used to people and brave enough to spend more time as a house cat, than outside. Harry particularly bonded with Les and would happily hang out in the garage when he was working, enjoying his cat nip and listening to some Prince!

Laura and Les did amazing work with Harry and were very dedicated to helping him make progress. They were so dedicated that they have officially now joined the ranks of ‘failed fosters’ (in the very best way!) as they have officially decided to adopt Harry Houdini!

Thank you Laura and Les for all your hard work and contining dedication to Harry’s journey!

Best wishes and purrs to you Harry Houdini and all the progress you’ve made with your new mum and dad!