GREAT NEWS! Jasper has officially been adopted!

This handsome lad was brought into our care after being trapped by supercatman Michael. He has been straying for many weeks in Dagenham area. He went into foster care with Amy, and then Joanne

And, after being overlooked for adoption for a long time (such a gorgeous boy – why, we do not know) Joanne fell totally in love with this boy – and decided that she’d love Jasper to join her family – as he was so happy there so far! She just could not resist that gorgeous face and playful nature – and who could blame her!

Joanne has said: “Jasper seems to be loving life at the moment. He goes outdoors every morning for a few hours (before breakfast) and then comes back all pleased and happy to see me and making lots of mew mew mew noises. Has breakfast and then back out again for a few more hours. We have introduced him to our small group of neighbours so they all know him now too. Settled into a normal cat life and loving it”

The purrfect life of riley! 🙂

As you can see by the photos, Jasper is happy to be able to explore is new garden and loves to chill out – Welcome to the ‘failed fosterers’ club! (it’s a great club!)

Best wishes and purrs to you Jasper with your fantastic furever family!

Jasper was adopted in September 2020