Julian and Dominic

AMAZING NEWS! Dominic and Julian have offically been adopted!

These boys came to us as strays and not that used to people so super fosterer Tina has been worked very hard with them to get them ready for their furever home.

They have been in their furever home with Emma and Phil since July and are doing so well – Emma said:

“They now walk around as if they own the place, Dominic comes to both of us for strokes and will eat treats out of our hands. Julian is still wary but is far more comfortable when we are in the room, not up to stroking yet but will eat treats from our hands.”

They have been rewarded with their hard work and patience in letting the boys settle in their own time – patience is rewarded!

Best wishes and purrs to you Dominic and Julian in your lovely new home

Dominic and Julian were adopted in July 2020