We were contacted by a lady at a retirement complex in Romford asking for help with two cats, sisters Daisy and Maisy, roughly 18 months old. Unfortunately, the owners could not afford to keep them and had tried many rescue centres but none could help them.

The cats were not vaccinated, flea or worm treated, spayed or micro chipped. We supplied flea treatment to the lady, for both cats, before we could visit them. Upon collection, we found Daisy heavily pregnant (again), after recently losing five kittens!

Daisy went home with one Purrs foster mum and Maisy with another.

Maisy’s story so far is lovely. She settled into her foster home really well, and being such a young cat, she was very playful and mischievous, but very affectionate too. She liked to sit and watch her foster mum’s own cats, often jumping out on them hoping that they would play with her. Her foster Mum knew Maisy was not going to be in care with her for long. An enquiry to adopt Maisy had already been made from the same park where Maisy had originally come from.

Maisy was spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated in our care before going off for her three week trial at the end of September. Her foster mum contacted her potential adopter who was happy to tell her, “she has settled in so quickly and even managed to ‘escape’ out into her new back garden whilst I was hanging out the washing”…Cheeky little madam! Maisy had her potential new mum worried for a full 30 minutes by disappearing, but thankfully she came back looking very pleased with herself. She then came in and out all day long, but sulked at night when she wasn’t allowed out after dark. Maisy has also made friends with the neighbours.

Maisy was re-homed September 2015