Peter and Nicholas

FAB UPDATE on Peter and Nicholas!

These boys were in foster care with Tina and she did amazing work with them, initially very timid, they’re now well and truly settled with Jo – and I think she sums up things here!

“Pete is wonderful, he’s going to be massive, he eats anything and everything! Is very cuddly and never far from me, he doesn’t go out of the garden – which suits us fine! Nick is a lot more adventurous and quite the acrobat in trees, he’s often gone for hours but thankfully knows when he’s into a good thing and is very happy and hungry when he comes home. We can stroke him and pick him up and give him a kiss, albeit very quickly without him really realising what’s happend! We love them so much and can’t imagine them not being her”

Thank you for all the photos Jo and for your support.

Best wishes and purrs to you Peter and Nicholas in your lovely new home!

Peter and Nicholas were adopted in April 2020