As may remember, Pickles came to Purrs after his owner sadly had to go into hospital and later passed away. Pickles must have felt like so lost without his Dad, who had taken him in as a stray at 6 weeks old, after he was found living in some stables. He was very timid and so so shy, he had loved his Dad, but was so scared of other people. He was never aggressive or vicious, just so so scared. He spent extra time in foster care with Joy, who worked with him one on one to try and get him ready for his furever home – and we needed a special home for him to build on the hard work from Joy.

And now Pickles has found that special home with Jane, and two other rescue kitties, who were brought in as feral. As you can see by these photos, Pickles is starting to feel more comfortable in his new home, and has been accepted by his new siblings. He looks like a completely different cat to the one that came in to us, looking as handsome as ever but with new confidence.

His foster mum Joy was so very sad to see him go and will miss him lots and lots, but Pickles will always love her for how much time and love she put into helping him find his furever home and his Dad would be so proud too. And even better, he will still come in for his holidays to Joy’s little cattery so she will be able to see how he is doing 🙂

Best wishes and LOUD LOUD purrs to you Pickles and your new family!!

Pickles was adopted in April 2016