UPDATE! You may remember Rascal – this little chap was found as a stray and no owner could be traced.

Due to his time on the streets, Rascal was also FIV positive – which can often be a barrier to finding a furever home, there are lots of misconceptions – but did not mean he was any less deserving of his furever home. His fosterer Lisa has lots of experience with FIV cats, and she decided to joins the (wonderful) ranks of ‘failed fosterers’ among us! 🙂 We know he’ll have a lovely home there with an experienced mum!

And as you can see from this photo – Rascal is well and truly settled and found a rather odd favourite spot for a kip… the ironing board!

Best wishes to you Rascal in your lovely furever home.

If you’d like to read more about FIV, Cat Chat have very useful information and busts a few ‘myths’ here

Rascal was adopted in August 2017