Little Ray was found as a stray and came to us a very shy but gentle boy – he was treated some mouth ulcers but has never really seemed right in himself. Joy worked with him in the cattery to try and make him feel safer and happier and he started to look a bit more relaxed but still not 100%. He went into a home foster environment with Jeri, and started to come out of his shell even more, and you could tell in his face that he was feeling happier. He was still not 100% so he went for another check up at the vets and it’s been discovered that Ray is suffering with a condition called stomatitis – it is a severe, painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums – it causes ulcers to form in the mouth & is an ongoing condition sadly. Due to this condition, we decided that this sweet sweet boy will stay in ‘forever foster care’ with Jeri and we will do our absolute best to manage this condition and keep him a happy chappy. Forever foster means we cover all his health needs so he can still go to a fab home and not worry about vets bills.

As part of this care, today he had most ofhis teeth removed to try and help with the pain and inflammation – this is sad for Ray to have to go through but the hope is it will make the condition more managable and he can a get on with being the lovely boy he is.

The operation was such a success – he has been with Jeri for a few months now and is like a different cat – you can see in the before and after photos! You can see the change in his face, he is playing with toys, having cuddles and being adorable (and cheeky!).

Jeri sums it up best:

“The change in this boy amazes me. Yes he’s still quite timid and nervous but wow has he improved in the last few months. I couldn’t imagine life without him. My not so little Ray Mog ❤️❤️”

A true happy ending!

If you have a soft spot for Ray, you can donate towards the costs of his dental operation and ongoing forever foster care – you can donate in the following ways:

direct to our Purrs bank account – HSBC Sort Code 40-39-04 Account Number 51844911 (if possible put a reference ‘Ray’)

by paypal – Purrsrescue@gmail.com (if possible put a reference ‘Ray’)

if you’d like to donate by cheque please PM us for a postal address.

If you would like to sponsor Ray’s on going care by donating monthly, you can use the bank details above to set up a regular payment using your bank account, either online or in branch.

Thank you to Jeri for being his forever foster carer and making sure he’s comfy and loved.