Stevie and Freddie

GREAT NEWS! Freddie and Stevie have officially been adopted!
Now Odin and Mordu, they are two of the special kittens found in appalling conditions and as a result developed serious eye problems as a result of cat flu. Mordu had to have both eyes removed, and Odin one eye – but they are now fully recovered and settled in their lovely new home.
And that home is with Alex and co and she sent us this lovely update and I’ll hand over to Alex who says it best!
“Freddie (re-named Odin) and Stevie (re-named Mordu) are absolutely amazing, and it feels like they have been living with us forever. They have settled in really well, and are a proper little team – snoozing, play fighting, exploring or learning they really love to be together. Mordu doesn’t let his lack of sight hold him back in the slightest, now that he has mapped the house out he is climbing like a little terror. You just need to be a little bit more mindful, otherwise he really is just a normal cat.
As they will not be able to venture outside on their own, we have been training them to wear harnesses and go for walks outdoors. They took to the harnesses really well (I must say I was quite surprised!) and are really getting a lot out of exploring outdoors. “
Best wishes and purrs to you Odin and Mordu in your furever home.
Odin and Mordu were adopted in November 2020