Tigger and Muffin

We didn’t know a lot about Tigger and Muffin’s¬†background, but as soon as they came into our foster care we did know one they – they were some of the most affectionate cats we’d ever met!

We also got another thumbs up from the duo for the raw food diet that was so successful with Daisy – there were a few tummy troubles which cleared up when Tigger and Muffin were put on a raw diet which they love!

They are getting on so well in their new home with Jane – as you can see in the photos, Tigger loves to cuddle her pregnancy bump and hanging out with her little girl Pip, Muffin even follows her around as she loves her so much! She’s harder to photograph as she’d much rather be having a cuddle with you than posing for a photo! They’ve definitely landing on their paws!

Best wishes and purrs to you both and your new family!

Tigger and Muffin were adopted in March 2016