GREAT NEWS! Tilly has been adopted!

This gorgeous girl has really landed on all paws in her new home with Danielle and her family and as we all need as much happy news as possible, I think i’ll leave it up to her own word to show how well Tilly is doing in her furever home and how with time and dedication from families, a purrfect ending happens!

“We adopted Tilly 4 months ago, and it seems like she has always been with us! She settled down, finding her paws and has got used to the idea of two children! She wasnt a huge fan on my 2 year old at first but she now understand he only wants to play, which they now do together. Every night tilly with either sleep on my bed or in the hall guarding mine and my 4 year old and 2 year old. If any of the child wakes during the night – although I always wake- Tilly will always scratch at her bell to ‘wake me’ or climbs onto me which just so how loving and caring cat she is 😍

She follows us EVERYWHERE we go, even if it bed time stories, she will come and sit with us, stay with my eldest whilst he falls asleep.

She loves going outside but never goes far, one call to get her in and you can hear her running back to us.

Tilly is so loving and such a beautiful cat, she has fitted in my family perfectly. We love Tilly, and you can tell she loves us back 😍

Thank you Purrs for finding us our perfect addition to our family”

Thank you Danielle for the gorgeous pic!

Tilly was adopted in December 2019