Winnie and Ruby

Winnie and Ruby have settled in very quickly and made themselves at home 😊 Ruby loves to be on a lap or sitting with you. She also enjoys a bit of space either under the table or in her bed. Ruby is the more adventurous of the two and becomes a kitten when it’s playtime. She likes the string and mouse or anything dangly and moving 😁 Winnie is more reserved although will do the occasional bop when she sees the string. Winnie loves lots of fuss and rubs. She also likes to sit with you, although needs lots of encouragement to jump up onto the sofa. Her favourite spot to sleep is on the floor in the doorway and she likes to be stretched out. Shes not phased by us stepping over her in the slightest.
They both use the litter tray well although need some more practice with covering their toilet up. They are both eating wet and dry as normal and enjoy their dreamies/treats. We are keeping a close eye on Winnie’s eating as she is a little overweight and everytime she hears a packet, she rushes over thinking that it’s food. However she is getting better and asking us for food less, now that she is getting into a good routine.
They both come to us when we call them and are excited to see us when we come home. Joy you’re right about their bedtime… At around 22.00 Ruby in particular will come over to us, hovering around until we go to bed and then she joins us. Winnie doesn’t seem fussed about sleeping on the bed and seems to prefer to sleep alone. This is usually the time Ruby will make the most of getting her extra fuss and rubs 😁
Ruby can be vocal when you’re preparing her food and Winnie has a silent meow bless her but does like to try and talk to you.
They are both loving, affectionate and sociable cats.